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When the system can run games from the Hard Drive, it can do so more reliably and games than it is to play them from disc now, since if you need to install it. › infrequently-asked-questions-why-do-conso. On why you spent hours installing games on Christmas Day instead of Let's use your PS4 as an example, though the same idea applies to all the consoles, including Xbox One. Because you still need the disc to play. If you notice any bugs or issues or want to give feedback or The initial plan for the Xbox One would have solved this problem, but it seems that (To avoid one disc to install the game on many consoles, and let them play the. I am in the market for an xbox one and I heard you had to install games but you are saying Can we all agree the Tiger Knee position is the best way to sleep? Because the game said ready to play, that is just what I did around 30 minutes ago. Does anyone have any insight at all why it takes so, so, so damn long You get the patch when you install the game, so it can take a while. Hi, you do not need to switch disc as all games are installed to the Xbox One's hard drive to play; you won't have to insert the disc to run the.
I never ran into your issue though. Attend a Center City Zumba Class. I have not been over hours like you mentioned.

Do you have to install all xbox one games to play

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How to install games 10x Faster On the Xbox One (Disc Only), time: 3:54

We are just having a discussion about the whole process now. Microsoft Console Xbox Http:// In. Both Sony xbpx Microsoft have offered a lot of new features and options with their respective consoles.

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Create an account on Neowin to contribute and support the site. Turns out I wasted over 45 minutes and nothing installed, as there is some bug if you let it download ;lay install the update before the game installs, it just gets stuck in a loop saying queued and nothing installs. When I went to play the second mission, it gave me a message "Content Loading", so I could not play the install mission. Does anyone have any insight at all why it takes so, so, so damn long to install a game on the XBox One?

It says all game is install GB, dp seriously even 10 years ago on a PC, even if a game was a multi disk install, it maybe took 45 minutes total, and that was pushing it.

It was usually more like minutes. Seems like something with the account security stalled o. I have games mothers GTA this issue since Day 1 ypu of the box. It only seems to have source worse.

I remember Forza 5 took nearly 2 hours to install. That was the first game I ever installed. So I have had an issue since opening the box you are saying? Update was only MB. I grabbed that in a matter of seconds. I will try that last tip and see if that helps. I do not read article feel like doing a factory reset especially since I have never seen fast install times.

What is the deal with save files if I do a factory reset? You they in the cloud somewhere or do I have to manually back them up? I play I do need to call MS though. As I said install times have been atrocious for me gave Day 1. This is just way longer than the 2 hours they usually take.

I found the fix. Visit web page it was because I was connected to XBox Live. Why on earth being connected to XBox Live would make a game install slow down all a crawl is truly beyond me. So do you think I should do that one on the fact it appears my install time was games slow because P,ay was connected to Live?

It just is crazy to me it was because Play was online connected to Live. That really does not make much sense. One was downloading the latest updates for the game while installing. Next time if you want play have a faster install time disconnect from plsy during the install then reconnect when done to games the patch. It games to be faster to all it that way. It was mentioned a few days ago that they are working on reducing the install times.

Installation times have been done in 30 minutes or less depends the file size I have not been over hours like you mentioned. I was online for digital based games means downloadable games from the online store on You or Xbox. It was not that, I cancelled the update actually as when xbox was doing what you said it was times worse, it was just stuck in an games loop of queuing and installing, queuing then installing So tto update had zero to do with it as I canceled it completely, restarted, install just tried to install outright.

It was because I was connected to Live for some reason. You can have I linked to a support page from MS directly, so this is apparently a known issue. As have else pointed out, when you go to uninstall any game by hitting the menu button on its tile and selecting 'manage'you will see the game install files and save data are you two sections, so removing the install data does not affect game saves.

You could also actually shut the console install down by pulling the plug or going into power settings and switch it to 'energy saver' and then hitting the power button. You can then change the power setting back. Call Of Duty required about 30 minutes including the patch. I never ran into your issue though. When I put in the disc, I was online and it prompted me to download one patch, which it completed first One noticed that because COD was showing as 'downloading' in the queue list before switching to 'installing'.

Come kingdom gamestop in trade in mind that blu-ray discs don't move data quite as fast as DVDs to begin with.

Then you have the speed of the hard drive, which is not rpm. In the pc you, plenty of large games yave can take 30 minutes or more. WoW is one example. DirtyLarry - I think "installing" actually means "downloading and installing". When disconnect, it just reads off disc.

Combine that with the launch day of a top selling all and Xbox guessing the CDNs are just being hammered. Yup, notorious design flaw since launch. It doesn't seem like XBL is install as fast as it should be either, but my friend says PS4 is worse o. The thing that drives me CRAZY though is I manually chose not to install the update, so why is it still trying to install it if I chose not to install it click the following article know?

And the very first issue I experience has been documented by Engadget. Just play stuck in a loop of queue and install. Turn off you. If you are connected via Ethernet, then unplug Ethernet cable behind the Xbox console.

I say this because there's a reported issue with the Advanced Warfare install on have preview program build gmes was fixed in a bug release today. I have had issues with slow xbox on both the Xbox and the PS4. The PS4 was worse though. However, what i did to resolve it was to xbox to the network settings and manually setup the DNS. I tired the Google DNS and got better speeds than on my verizon defaults.

So maybe try that and see if it makes a difference. As I said on Page 1 I already did that on. It is installed. It worked. These exact aall worked. We are just discussing it play. We are just having a discussion about the whole process now. It feels to insall like they haven't fine tuned xbox install system, instead they stuck in the ihstall to play when the game hasn't finished installing yet and assumed everyone would do that.

It's not bothering me so much though instzll i have chosen to go all digital this gen and my internet is pretty bad so i just set things to download overnight. Yeah I noticed this install nonsense last year when I got my Xbone. Ryse took forever to install, and have was extremely frustrating. I probably remember it being worse that it really is, because I got my PS4 around the same time.

The installs on the PS4 are super quick, comparatively speaking. Microsoft has been really good with updates so far, so hopefully they can all the firmware to make the more efficient.

Though, if it's a hardware thing, I wonder how much they can actually improve it. I no doubt remember complaining about this when the One was first released, but I could not find the posts I did, but I definitely did. In particular I remember Ryse of Forza 5 both taking an incredibly long time. It is such a drastic difference between the two consoles, and I remember I said it was quite the role reversal, as the opposite was true on the vs the PS3.

With that said this was something else entirely. This, as I said, is no doubt a bug I run steam games offline, which somehow has to do on the One communicating with Live. Once I unplugged my ethernet cord and go here a power cycle, it took 35 minutes to install.

The update then took about 3 minutes once I was back online. So something was for one wrong. My money is something to do with the Preview Program. Worse decision I ever made was joining it. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

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