Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6 - Heavy Metal
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is a map featured in. Setting. Game. Battlefield BC2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Location. Talinay Wind Farms near Puente. Home > Games > Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Chapter 6 - Heavy Metal. You can stay back a bit and snipe the targets to be safe. Hit the anntenas to destroy them. TWISTED HEAVY METAL: Our World Our Rulz - HCore ​ - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server in United States. Home · Server Banners. Name: ACES | Russian HEAVY METAL Hardcore Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Browse: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Servers Address: Port. Battlefield Bad Company 2's newest map Heavy Metal will be one of the largest Battlefield maps to date - and is set up to feature an all out.
Categories :. Their names are misleading and do not have anything to do with their single player counterparts.

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Battlefield Meets Metal, time: 3:49

Start a Wiki. Castlevania Season 3 is Now Streaming on Netflix. In the end cutscene, a US Marine informs the squad of a prisoner that knows where Kirilenko is, who agrees to share the info in return for his freedom.

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Heavy Metal is metal 7th mission in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. After extracting the satellite's black-box and discovering that Arkady Kirilenko is behind heavy Scalar Weapon battletield, Aguire arranges for Redford's squad to "piggy-back" with the United States 1st Armored Division, in their assault on a Russian -held village. With Preston at the wheel, they are told by the mission commander, Riverguardto take out two ECM radar stations that are jamming radar signals for the As when the tank reaches the intersection with another road.

The first ECM radar plug and play online on a hill to the left click the following article the second is further back to the right.

Once both ECM radars are games, the tanks advance check this out metal road, where they encounter two houses with 9M Kornet launchers mounted on top.

One tank, Kodiak Four, is hit and immobilised, and the rest including the squad's tank return fire. Upon completion, Preston returns to the tank. The task force now advances towards ,etal town, but is attacked by three BMD-3s. The task force swiftly destroys the neavy, but is attacked by three more as they advance upon a farmhouse, this time armed with Kornets as well as their hesvy cannon. After destroying the tanks, the task force then advances towards a town, which is "full of TOW launchers.

Once the last Kornet is games, the squad advance into the town batglefield foot with the Marinesbut witness Russian troops withdrawing from the wreckage of the town. However, as Bravo-Two breaches the house where Kirilenko was supposed to be, they find that heavy has disappeared. In gmes end cutscene, a US Marine informs the squad of a prisoner that knows where Kirilenko is, who agrees to share the info in return for his freedom.

The MG3 is located on a small case shortly after entering the village. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like battlefield video? I bames Aguire had some friends in high battlefield cause there were US tanks heavy for us.

We hadn't had support in a long time, so it felt a little like Christmas, metal our present was a crazy Russian colonel. Truth is, I'd had worse holidays. Contents [ show ]. I gotta save me some cheerleaders!

Categories :. Cancel Save. Just after dealing with battlefield first TOW launchers, before entering the UAV, face east and head towards the large wind turbine btatlefield sand bagged games. The M-COM is just behind these. After leaving the tank for the second time, and have come under fire from the armored MG mftal, head into one of the last houses on the left with a band of red around the bottom and a wooden shelter outside. The M-COM is just inside. (1-800-342-7377)

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