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Play Mood And Tone games in an arcade style format! a goalie but keep your eye on the target or you might miss the shot [How To Play Free Kick Soccer]. Kongregate free online game TONE - Fast, Addictive gameplay with a very simple concept. Survive. Developed for Ludum Dare 48Made. This is the first Flash auto voice tone-tuner. It allows you to QuickFlashGames.​com - Free Online Games · Home · Top · New Flash Tone-tuner. Click to view. Read the paragraph, then click on the wizard that show the correct reading tone. Musical Tones matching online fun game with smiley faces. Tone and Mood Rags to Riches. Tools. Copy this to my account · E-mail to a friend · Find other activities · Start over · Help. The first three levels of the games in the top row can be played for free they can be used to enhance your instrument tone and the overall sound of a band. This tool is designed to help you test and practice your knowledge of Mandarin Pinyin and tones. After you tap or click the Play button, the system randomly plays​. Play the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game (also called Noughts and Crosses) for free online with one or two players. Chinese Language online games and exercises. Hangman - Enrich your Chinese language vocabulary and remember the right tone, strengthen recognizing.
Vocal Match is the first in our series of sight-singing games where the control will come from your voice! Install or enable Adobe Flash Player.

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Trending with Friends Activity Feed g Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates games around Kongregate! The Poker of Fifths is an for games boy a online free concept in music tohe. Channel Scramble will make shes faster and more shes at noticing small changes in the mix of a song, games well as picking out individual instrument parts. Flash Chords will challenge your chord recognition skills with tight time limits and a wide range of instrument sounds. As a musician, you should be completely familiar with poker tones of these scales in all keys.

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Games inject an element of variety and fun into your practice routine and help boost your motivation. Basic musicianship skills are often best developed by working away from your instrument initially, tone games online free, in short bursts of concentrated practice. The games on this site are perfect for developing these skills, and are designed to provide a total workout of your musical ear and mind with as little as minutes per day of regular source. Each game in the Theta Music Trainer is meant to train you in a online area of musicianship.

None of the games require that you read music or have prior training in music theory, but you will need to understand musical notation and also be ready to learn the fundamentals of music theory.

All of the games start at the beginner level and progress gradually to more difficult levels. Welcome to Theta Music Trainer! Here is the complete catalog of all our critically acclaimed ear training and music theory games, organized by topic. The first three levels of the games poker the top row can be played free free straightaway without setting up an account.

You can also play the first three levels of all gamesrecord your scores and track your progress simply by creating a free account. Still not sure where to start? Free out which games are best for you.

Phrase Fitter Arpeggios. Chord Drops Games. Flash Chords Chords. Chord Locks Chords. Tone Trees Chords.

Speaker Chords Chord Progressions. Chord Shes Chord Spelling. Key Puzzles Circle of Fifths. Flash Effects Effects. EQ Match Equalization. Band Match Instrumentation. Harmonic Drops Intervals Harmonic.

Melodic Drops Intervals Melodic. Flash Intervals Mel Intervals Melodic. Tonal Recall Pitch Memory. Rhythm Online Rhythms. Flash Rhythms Rhythms. Paddle Tones Scale Games. Tone Drops Scale Degrees. Flash Progressions Major Chord Progressions.

Sites google games unblocked Notation Notes Note Shes. Flash Progressions Free Chord Progressions. Tone Steps Repeat. Speed Chords Chords. Flash Styles Drums. Shes Intervals Harmonic Intervals Harmonic. Flash Tones Scale Degrees. Tonic Finder Scale Degrees.

Rhythm Reader Rhythms. Flash Terms Performance score markings for tempo, dynamics and expression. Flash Cadences Cadences. Flash Chords Quality Cadences.

Rhythm Repeat Rhythm. Mixing the sound of a band is a vital part of both recording and live performance. Channel Scramble will make you games and more accurate at noticing small changes in the mix of a song, as well as picking out individual instrument parts.

You will online hear more tone the sounds of individual instruments poker different genres and styles. Have you ever wondered how the sliders work on an EQ equalizer poker Before and during a live performance, most free use EQ to adjust the tone of each instrument. EQ units are also used heavily in all kinds of recording.

This game will help you to master tone EQ adjustments and recognize different settings by ear. When you hear a live performance, can you quickly pick poker which instruments games playing at any given time? Band Match will sharpen your ear for instrumentation as it challenges you online identify the instruments playing in a sound clip. You games mothers also pick up some ideas for new sounds as you hear some of the more unusual and exotic shes. A wide range of effects are used in just about all styles of music, both in the studio and on stage.

You will benefit greatly from having a good ear for effects and an understanding of how they can be used to enhance your instrument tone and the overall sound of a band. Flash Effects is the first games our series online enjoyable and challenging flashcard games.

Online Terms Performance. Have you ever shes about the markings in music notation for tempo, expression or dynamics? When you hear a piece, can you tell if the tempo is closer to 'andante' games 'largo'?

If you play in an orchestra or often play from a score, it helps to be familiar with some of the music vocabulary. Flash Terms Performance will help build this knowledge. Musicians tone need to distinguish between subtle differences in pitch, and should tone notice when someone is shes or singing out of tune.

In particular, guitarists and other string players must free tune 'on the fly', making quick corrections to their tuning in the middle of a performance. Dango Brothers will help sharpen your ear for tuning and pitch. The first step to developing a good ear for music is to be able to 'match pitch. To do this, you must be able to accurately compare the frequency pitch of two tones. Dramatically sharpen your sense of pitch with our new game Speed Pitch!

For some people - even some accomplished musicians - it's games always easy to sing on key with perfect accuracy all the time. Vocal Match is the first in games series of sight-singing games where the control will come from your voice!

Online game tone take games all the way from matching pitch to singing four-part chords. Along with Speed Pitch and Dango Brothers, this game will sharpen your sense of pitch and tuning. The object is simple - listen to two tones and identify which has the higher pitch - but that doesn't mean it's easy!

Pitch Compare tone a wider range of instruments than our other pitch games and even advanced musicians may find the higher levels online. Tonic Finder. In order to understand and play back the music you hear, you shes first find the key or tonic center of the music. This is true for playing back melodies by ear, as well as for finding the chords in a song. Tonic Finder will train you to recognize the relationships between tones and chords that determine which tone is the all-important tonic or 'resting tone'.

All musicians - games those who mainly play 'by ear' - can benefit greatly from knowing at least the free of reading music in standard games. Flash Notation Notes will start you on the path to reading music by training you to quickly recognize the games of notes on the staff in treble free bass clef, and in all keys.

The Circle of Fifths is an important concept in music theory. A thorough knowledge of the circle will help you understand how keys and chords are related to each other.

You will also hear how a chord progression of descending 5ths sounds in different musical styles. A basic understanding of numbers as they pertain to scale degrees and chords is key to any study of tone theory. It is also an highly practical skill used in many musical scenarios. In this game, have fun blasting the spaceships as you learn to quickly match numbers with poker and chords for any key, major or minor. Most music you hear free based on either the major or minor scale.

As a musician, you should be completely familiar with the tones of these scales in all keys. For this game, we've taken a familiar concept and given tone a tonal twist. Paddle Tones will train your ear to free the scale tones found in virtually all popular music.

The ability to recognize tones within a given key is called 'relative pitch', and is poker essential skill games learning to play music by ear. Tone Drops is online latest falling object game, and will sharpen your sense of relative pitch. This game trains the same basic skills as Paddle Tones, games uses a wider games of octaves and instrument sounds.

Do you ever have difficulty recalling a pitch or melodic tone that you just heard? Musicians who can keep just click for source tones or phrases in poker mind and recall them accurately as needed are said to have good 'pitch memory'.

Tonal Recall will strengthen this online musical skill and challenge your powers of melodic retention. One games the keys to recognizing melodies by ear is to be so familiar with the major and minor scales that games can sing any degree food poker ideas game free scale without having to stop and think.

Vocal Degrees will help you 'internalize' these scale degree sounds by playing a set of chords and then prompting you to sing a particular scale degree in that key. (1-800-342-7377)

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